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Energy Efficient Window Air Conditioners

Finding Most Efficient Air Conditioner - Window Air Conditioners

Frigidaire FRA065AT7 6000 BTU Compact Air Conditioner Energy Star
In this day and age, air conditioners are all about energy efficiency. The design of heat exchangers has made their EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) go upwards of 10 even for the smallest window air conditioners. What this means is that, at the price of 1 unit of electric energy, you will be able to remove more than 10 units of heat energy out of your home. That is efficient indeed.

But there are additional energy saving features that you should look for if you are serious about finding most efficient air window air conditioner for your specific situation.

What To Look For In An Energy Efficient Window Air Conditioner

We created a list of top energy efficient window air conditioners.

We have rated top energy efficient air conditioners by the following criteria: First, the units needed to be Energy Star rated just to make it on the list. Second, the window air conditioner had to have the EER ratio listed (EER stands for energy efficiency ratio). Third, we added points for each of the additional energy conserving features such as sleep mode, energy saver mode, dry mode, on/off timer and the like. Below are the results of the scoring.

Top 10 Most Energy Efficient Air Conditioners

  1. Frigidaire FRA065AT7 6000-BTU Mini Compact Window Air Conditioner - 8-Way Air Direction Control, Low-Voltage Start-Up, Energy Efficiency Ratio Of 10.7, Sleep Mode, Energy-Saver Mode.

  2. SPT 12000 BTU Window Air Conditioner Energy Star WA-1211S - Sleep Mode, Fan Mode, Auto Mode, Cool Mode, Dry Mode, Energy Saver Mode.

  3. Frigidaire FRA086AT7 8,000 BTU Window-Mounted Compact Air Conditioner with Temperature Sensing Remote - Temperature Sensing Remote, Low Voltage Start-Up, 8-Way Comfort Air Direction Control Design, Energy Efficiency Ratio Of 10.8, Energy-Saver Mode.

  4. Frigidaire FRA054XT7 5,000 BTU Window-Mounted Mini Room Air Conditioner - 24-Hour Timer, Energy-Save Function, Energy Efficiency Ratio Of 10.7, Low Voltage Operation.

  5. SoleusAir 8,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner , # SG-WAC-08ESE-C - i-Feel LCD Remote Control Includes Separate Thermostat, Programmable Timer, Auto Mode, Sleep Mode, 4-Way Adjustable Louvers.

  6. Frigidaire FRA126CT1 12-000 Btu Window Air Conditioner W / Temp Remote - Temperature Sensing Remote, Timer, Sleep Mode, Auto Fan, Energy Saver.

  7. Frigidaire FRA103BT1 10-000 Btu Window Air Conditioner with Remote Control - 8-Way Air Direction Control, Low Voltage Start, Sleep Mode, 24 Hour On / Off Timer

  8. Sharp Electronics AFS120RX Energy Star 12,000 BTU 115-Volt Window-Mounted Air Conditioner with Rest Easy Remote Control - Auto-Cool Setting, Energy Saver Mode, Programmable 24-Hour On/Off Timer.

  9. SPT 10000 BTU Window Air Conditioner Energy Star WA-1011S - Dry Mode, Auto Mode, Energy Saver, Sleep Mode, 24 Hours Timer.

  10. LG Electronics LW8011ER 8000 BTU Electronic Air Conditioner with Remote - 4-Way Air Direction Control, Energy Saver Function, 10.8 Energy Efficiency Ratio

Which One Of The Above Energy Efficient Window Mounted Air Conditioners To Pick?

All of the above air conditioners will save you a lot of money if you use them. Primarily, you need to go by the size (in BTU) recommendations for your cooling area. When you pick the right size unit from the above list, you will really do well. Only if you are still having a dilemma, then check for the additional options listed above. Especially useful are the sleep mode and the temperature sensing remote.

Our Pick For The Top Energy Efficient Window Air Conditioner, Based On Large Number Of Positive Buyers Reviews: Frigidaire FRA065AT7 6000-BTU Mini Compact Window Air Conditioner.



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