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Air Conditioner Accessories - Air Conditioning Cover, AC Unit Cages, Air Purifiers, Air Exchangers

Air conditioning accessories are the elements that are not 100% necessary for the successful operation of your air conditioner unit but they make the operation easy and can extend the lifetime of your air conditioner. Some air conditioner accessories (AC accessories) will improve the quality of the indoor air in your house.

Air conditioning options to protect your home air conditioning system:

Air conditioner cover

It makes a lot of sense to protect the outside air conditioning unit (the compressor) from the elements by covering it with an appropriate air conditioning cover.

AC unit cages

AC Security Cage
Have you heard of anyone in your neighborhood complain about having their external air conditioning units stolen? Frankly, despite the weight, it is not such a big deal to just unhook and carry your air conditioning compressor away! If you feel your external AC condenser unit is in a place that is unsafe, get an AC unit cage or a AC Security Cage. First off, you will make your AC unit look a whole lot better protected with a fat, welded, steel tube housing of an AC cage. You will therefore deter a potential thief. Second, by having the AC unit cage achored securely into the ground, you will make it very difficult for anyone to steal your AC condensor unit even if they try.

Air conditioner options and AC accessories to improve the indoor air:

Ultraviolet air purifiers

Ultraviolet light contains high-energy, low wavelength photons of light that present danger both to humans and bacteria. The UV light causes DNA damage. However, when UV light air purifier is installed in air conditioning ductwork, there will be no contact with the humans, so there will be no danger. However, the airborne bacteria circulating through the air will eventually find their way into the air duct. When the bacteria are passing by the ultraviolet air purifier, the bacteria will have its DNA damaged beyond repair, and therefore will be killed. UV air purifiers are commonly used in hospitals, restaurant kitchens, and water treatment facilities, even the water dispenser unit at your friendly local grocery.

Surround Air XJ-3800 Intelli-Pro Air Purifier
However, you can also install ultraviolet air purifiers at home, for instance this Surround Air XJ-3800 Intelli-Pro Air Purifier

UV light purification is effective and harmless when humans are shielded properly from the UV light.

Powerful UV light also kills other types of creatures that you do not want in the home air, such as mold, and funghi.

The higher the power, or wattage of the UV purifier, the more pathogens the unit will kill in one pass.

In addition to duch UV air purifier, there is another type of UV air purifier, called surface air purifiers. They are installed near the evaporator part of the air conditioner. They are intended to incapacitate the pathogens that like to concentrate in moist areas, such as the cold, moist air conditioning air handler.

Air exchangers

Broan AE60 Broan - NuTone Whole-House Air Exchanger
Due to energy conservation constraints, modern homes are built more and more air tight. Using caulk, tight window and door seals, and other means, the homes leak little air and become energy efficient. Unfortunately, that also means that the air inside the home is not being exchanged much with the outside air. This makes the air quality of the air inside the home suffer, and presents new challenges to air conditioning equipment.

During the times when the temperature inside the home is much lower than the outside temperature, simply opening the doors or windows would bring in fresh air, but the air exchange would also mean that the entire new fresh air must be cooled from the outside temperature to the desired inside temperature. This is energy inefficient, it causes your home air conditioning to work extra hard, and will result in higher home utility bills.

This is where air exchangers come in. For any ducted and ductless air conditioning system, air exchangers allow the outside air to come inside of the house, and they allow the inside air to exit the house. However, the air exchanger is where these two air flows meet. They are still separate, so the outgoing air does not mix with the incoming air, but they are separated with a very thin, highly conductive sheet of metal, such that the hot outside air is chilled as much as possible by the outgoing inside air. Likewise, the outgoing cold air is heated by the incoming fresh air before leaving the house.

Bottom line, the air exchanger allows the outside fresh air to enter the house while being cooled down in the process by the thermal contact with the cool outgoing air. Thanks to the air exchanger, it takes very little energy to bring the fresh outside air down to the cool indoor temperature.

Air exchangers will significantly reduce any residential air conditioning bill. A great example of an energy-saving air exchanger is Broan AE60 Broan - NuTone Whole-House Air Exchanger - 160 CFM - 185 CFM

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